Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Pixels

So I've always had a love/hate relationship with fashion. I appreciate the artistry, the way that identity can be mutable and re-shaped, the textures, colors, the touching upon a utopian dream world etc. But I also hate it, I hate the superficiality, the harmful messages, the way it reduces everything to consumer/producer.
I've been thinking alot about an increasingly digitized world that we live in, and how much of the stimulation that I get is through glowing screens.
So this series of paintings springs from that inchoate bit of thoughts. I painted fashion photography, which transfers it from the glossy mass produced form that I normally encounter it in, and i chose images that exemplify what I love about fashion, the colors, textures, movements. I also chose images that in general obscure and break up the human figure, which I feel make the photos themselves more about abstract compositions in a rectangle as opposed to over-photoshopped  impossible and disgusting ideals of the female form designed to break down self-esteem which increases the likelihood of a purchase.  (I thickened up the red one just a hair so it wouldn't look so fragile.)
the pixels serve a couple different functions. they break up the image even further into abstract compositions, they take the translation of photo to painting even further, and they serve as a reminder of the constant distortions that we in a digitized age are filtering through. Almost every image we see is actually consisting of tiny little pixels that we synthesize into a seamless image. So I wanted the pixels to function almost as white noise on a screen, which I think the big pink one comes the closest to fulfilling that.

P.S. My friend Cassie blogged about one of the pieces. Check it out here


Coco said...

These are beautiful Amanda. I particularly love the first one! Amazing.

anna. said...

amanda -- these are awesome.

go ohio ( :

julieb said...

yep, these are real real good!

Tyler Bird said...

your right about how our world makes girls have low self esteem