Wednesday, August 4, 2010

excerpt from "A Prayer for Owen Meany"

"She [Marilyn Monroe] was just like our whole country - not quite young anymore, but not old either; a little breathless, very beautiful, maybe a little stupid, maybe a lot smarter than she seemed. And she was looking for something - I think she wanted to be good. Look at the men in her life - Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, maybe the Kennedys. Look at how good they seem! Look at how desirable she was! That's what she was: she was desirable, she was funny and sexy - and she was vulnerable, too. She was never quite happy, she was always a little overweight. She was just like our whole country...

And those men, those famous, powerful men - did they really love her? Did they take care of her? If she was ever with the Kennedys, they couldn't have loved her - they were just using her, they were just being careless and treating themselves to a thrill. That's what powerful men do to this country - it's a beautiful, sexy, breathless country, and powerful men use it to treat themselves to a thrill! They say they love it but they don't mean it. They say things to make themselves appear good - they make themselves appear moral. That's what I thought Kennedy was: A moralist. But he was just giving us a snow job, he was just being a good seducer. I thought he was a savior. I thought he wanted to use his power to do good. But people will say and do anything just to get the power; then they'll use the power just to get a thrill. Marilyn Monroe was always looking for the best man - maybe she wanted the man with the most integrity, maybe she wanted the man with the most ability to do good. And she was seduced, over and over again - she got fooled, she was tricked, she got used, she was used up. Just like the country. The country wants a savior. They country is a sucker for powerful men who look good. We think they're moralists and then they just use us. That's what's going to happen to you and me. We're going to be used." - A Prayer for Owen Meany

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